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According to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), we have about 10 years to avoid the climate point of no return. Greenhouse gas emissions have reached levels never seen before on this planet. From 15% to 51% are due to the consumption of traditional meat.

There are ethical alternatives that can produce the same amount of meat with 96% less greenhouse gas emissions.

The technology to save the world exists. 

Help us to ask politicians to intervene before it’s too late.

*European Citizens’ Initiative

Für die Tiere


According to FAO estimates*, some 80 billion terrestrial animals – most of them poultry, pigs, sheep and cattle – are killed every year.

Für die Erde


According to an FAO report*, 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal farming.

Für unsere Gesundheit


Intensive farming is one of the causes of pandemics such as SARS, avian and swine flu.

*Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

End The Slaughter Age
Who are we? Our campaign:

End The Slaughter Age (ETSA) is an international organisation founded with the aim of ending the existence of animal husbandry for food and other purposes, starting with the slaughter of animals. To this end it has launched a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) with two specific proposals:

Pandemics, global warming, deforestation, ocean pollution, world hunger, destruction of ecosystems, progressive species extinction and much more can be stopped. The ethical alternatives with which End The Slaughter Age wants to replace animal products cause 96% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and require 96% fewer resources to produce the same amount of meat. 

The meat and agricultural lobby spread a lot of false information about the cultivated meat

What is Cellular Agriculture?

Cellular farming is a new technology that allows the production of meat, milk, eggs, bone, skin and many other organic materials directly in the laboratory, starting from a few cells that multiply almost infinitely.

The cells are removed by a completely painless biopsy, even a falling feather is sufficient to produce poultry meat.

The first cultivated beef burger in 2013 cost €250,000, today it costs only €8. The price has fallen sharply but is still too high.

The livestock industry is using lobbyists to exert pressure on politicians to stop this innovation.

At the moment, it is only possible to buy this meat in certain places, such as Israel and Singapore, because it is produced there.


We have submitted to the European Commission a proposal consisting of two points:

International Network

The ECI must receive one million signatures in a year from at least seven Member States across Europe. You can sign here.

The ultimate goal of End The Slaughter Age (ETSA) is to abolish and criminalise all forms of animal exploitation. That is why we attach great importance to animal shelters and animal sanctuaries, places run by activists and volunteers who often have economic problems, not least because of a political class that ignores them. 

Therefore, in addition to the above-mentioned objectives, ETSA is working to ensure that these institutions are legally recognised and publicly funded throughout Europe, so that they become the home of many animals that are still imprisoned and killed for human greed.

Mitgefühl mit Tieren

On our map you can see animal sanctuaries, shelters and organisations that support the ECI of End The Slaughter Age:

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